100 Days of Trailhead!

WITDEVS, Women in Tech, Allies and Salesforce Ohana

Are you a Salesforce Admin, Developer, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur-to-be or Newbie? Are you ready to learn new skills, take your skills to the next level, learn to code, learn a new language and/or use what you’ve learned to build?

Join WITDEVS, Ladies Be Architects and Amplify for the #100DaysofTrailhead challenge starting 1st January 2019!

Start 2019 by tweeting and/or stating in this thread:

@WITDEVS @ArchLadies @AmplifyNGO I’m publicly committing to the #100DaysOfTrailhead Challenge starting 1/1/19! Join me!

Want to get more specific about what you are doing? Here are some hashtags to add to your post:

  • #100DaysofLearning 
  • #100DaysofApex
  • #100DaysofCode
  • #100DaysofJavascript 
  • #100DaysofAppBuilding
  • #100DaysofInnovation
  • #100DaysofCTAPrep

If you are adding another commitment during your #100DaysofTrailhead journey, you can add it to your posts. Here are a few example hashtags to add to your post:

  • (#100DaysofX)
  • #100DaysofMeditation 
  • #100DaysofYoga 
  • #100DaysofFitness
  • #100DaysofPlanking 
  • #100DaysofNoComplaints 
  • #100DaysofKindness
  • #100DaysTeeTotal

The Rules

1. Work on Trailhead, code or work on your app for a minimum of 1 hour every day for the next 100 days.

If you like a bit of healthy competition, go to Twitter, DM @ArchLadies with your Trailhead URL and you’ll be added to the Top Trailblazers Leaderboard we’re using. Stuck for badges to do? Have a Trailmix on us!

2. Tweet your progress every day with the #100DaysofTrailhead hashtag

3. Yes, complete Trailhead badges, but work on your own projects as well. All time counted for this challenge is for time you spend on personal projects/improvements including any coding or app development you want to do!

4. You can choose topics on Trailhead, code (Apex, Visualforce, Javascript/Lightning, or any programming skill you want to improve) or working on your app!

5. @mention friends – Let’s do this together!

The Prizes

Yes, there are prizes for the top 3!! To be in for a chance to win, you have to be included in the leaderboard – just send a Twitter DM to @ArchLadies with your Trailhead URL and we will do the rest!


If I join after 1st January, will any Trailhead badges I’ve done before I joined be counted? YES! We count all earnings from the start date to the end date – midnight UTC on 10th April 2019.

How will you determine who the prize winners are? We’ll base it on points gathered on Trailhead between 1st Jan and 10th April. All points achieved are tracked based on UTC timings.

I didn’t join the leaderboard – can I still win? Sorry, not this time!

I’d prefer to do 100 days of code instead… That’s fine – just work on learning to code, completing exercises and building applications instead. We’re only using the leaderboard to track Trailhead.

If you’d like to demo what you did, get in touch with us or the WITDevs – we’d love to feature your work!

Finally, a very special thank you to the TopTrailblazers team for making this possible with their awesome platform!