Announcing Our First TOP TRAILBLAZERS Competition!

Sign up for the Ladies Be Architects’ Top Trailblazers competition in June for your chance to win a hoodie, a T-shirt or a mobile phone case!

The top 3 entrants who earn the most points on Trailhead throughout the month of June will win! This link will take you to a Slack channel where you can message Gemma your vanity URL. She will add you to the event:

Good luck!


Competition Rules

•Entrants must be a member of Ladies Be Architects (in the Community Group)

•You’ll need to opt in via the link: otherwise we can’t track your points!

•We track Trailhead points earned between 1st June and 30th June 2018

•If you’re already a member of our Top Trailblazers board, you’ll be entered (unless you tell us not to enter you!)

•Group leaders’ decision is final