Next Study Group: Platform App Builder Study Session 3: Fundamentals – Reports & Dashboards, Mobile Actions and Chatter

6th May 2021 – 10 pm GMT

Our next Platform App Builder Study Session is all about Reports, Dashboards, Mobile Actions and Chatter! Adrienne Cutcliffe and Vickie Jeffery will go through the basics of reporting and dashboards, as well as mobile actions and chatter and review some solutions surrounding these.

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Study Group XXIV: Platform App Builder Study Sessions (Session 1) Fundamentals & Data Modeling and Management Part with Vickie Jeffery & Adrienne Cutcliffe

Happy New Year from Ladies Be Architects! For our first session back in the new year, Vickie Jeffery and Adrienne Cutcliffe are going back-to-basics to deliver us some fantastic Platform App Builder Content. Session 1 of this series covered off on part one of Salesforce Fundamentals & Data Modeling and Management on the platform.

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Meet our Ambassadors: Adrienne Cutcliffe ๐ŸŒ

Adrienne Cutcliffe grew up in Brisbane, Australia and is a Consultant with over 6 yearsโ€™ experience working with the Salesforce Platform. She is a Women in Technology Group Leader, Salesforce Lightning Champion, and Undergraduate student at the Queensland University of Technology. At Dreamforce we asked Adrienne to join the Ladies Be Architects team as an ambassador, spreading the word in the Land Down Under, and we were thrilled when she said yes! Hereโ€™s her story!

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