Next Study Group: Development and Deployment Lifecycle Designer Study Session Series (Introduction – The First of Many!)

Development & Deployment Lifecycle Designer

18th August 2022 – 10 pm GMT / 2 pm PDT; 19th August 2022 – 7am AEST

We’re starting another series of study sessions – get in at the ground floor on our upcoming series on all things Development, Deployment, and DevOps! We have a few months’ worth of content coming up for you, but we’ll start with an introduction to the series, including some fun interactive quizzes and polls.

Our planned sessions are informed by both the Development and Deployment Lifecycle Designer exam guide and the CTA Exam Guide: Development Lifecycle and Deployment Planning section. Adrienne Cutcliffe, Emily McCowan and Vickie Jeffery will be studying together and we hope you join us to both share your knowledge, and learn with us as we go along.

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Study Group XXIII: Session 3 – Heroku and Salesforce with Charly Prinsloo and Susannah St-Germain

Our third study session in our Heroku Study Sessions series to get you on the road to the Heroku Architecture Designer certification, is Heroku and Salesforce. In this session, Charly Prinsloo and Susannah St-Germain cover Heroku and Salesforce. Heroku Connect… make the connection of how it uses Postgres.

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