Run Your Own Solutioning Event with Ladies Be Architects

Would you like to run a fun and engaging workshop at your community meet-up, or even within your own company? At Dreamforce 2018, Ladies Be Architects ran a solution design session, which was a lot of fun. We’re pleased to share our framework for this session, so that you can take it to your own user group and spread the fun of solutioning around the world.

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100 Days of Trailhead!

WITDEVS, Women in Tech, Allies and Salesforce Ohana

Are you a Salesforce Admin, Developer, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur-to-be or Newbie? Are you ready to learn new skills, take your skills to the next level, learn to code, learn a new language and/or use what you’ve learned to build?

Join WITDEVS, Ladies Be Architects and Amplify for the #100DaysofTrailhead challenge starting 1st January 2019!

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