CTA Review Board Mock Exam – Laptops to Schools with Matt Morris

Salesforce MVP and CTA candidate Matthew Morris solves the Laptops to Schools scenario. With special thanks to Melissa Shepard, Gavin Palmer and Tameem Bahri for judging. Read more for supporting documents and the video recording!

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CTA Preparation: Data Modelling Discussion

We’re grateful to Niki Vankerk who gave some of her time to lead a data modelling discussion with three fantastic candidates. Thank you to everyone who came along to observe and ask questions; we hope this helps you gain more insight into what’s needed for the review board.

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CTA Practice Scenario I: Wine and Sunflowers Ltd

A couple of months ago we started a programme to produce some more practice scenarios for the Certified Technical Architect review board. We are thrilled that we can share our very first hypothetical scenario for ANYONE and EVERYONE to use for their ramp-up.

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CTA Mock Review Board – Pollard Financial Services – Heather

Thank you to the lovely Heather Thompson, who attempted Pollard Financial Services – a section retake based on Security.

Architect Workshop Scenario – Sample A(US)

Thank you to everyone involved for your continued commitment and excellent support of our fellow group members.

  • Jitendra Zaa
  • Tusar Panigrahi
  • Nidish Rekulapalli
  • Waruna Buwaneka
  • Gemma Emmett

Sadly no CTA this week, but we’re working on it for further sessions!

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