CTA Mock Review Board – City Scooter Share – Jitendra

Well done to Jitendra who took on City Scooter Share in our second session of Gemma’s cohort. This week, we had Andrew Hart, our latest CTA volunteer. Thank you to all our CTAs who have given up some of their valuable time to give back to the aspiring architect community.

Once again – even more great feedback and learnings from this experience. Thank you to everybody involved:

  • Jitendra Zaa
  • Tusar Panigrahi
  • Heather Thompson
  • Brian Mar
  • Andrew Hart
  • Nidish Rekulapalli
  • Waruna Buwaneka
  • Gemma Emmett

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CTA Mock Review Board: Universal Digital – Vedran

Here is the first recording of Lynette’s Ladies Be Architects mock review board session. Congratulations to Vedran for taking on the task of being the first presenter for Lynette’s cohort. In addition to the rest of the group being judges, we had a CTA, Ivan Almeida on the judging panel!

Some great feedback and learnings from this experience. Thank you to everybody involved:

  • Daniel Gonzalez
  • Mike Egar
  • Caroline Jing
  • Vedran Pavlic Crest
  • Ivan Almeida
  • Lynette Lim

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CTA Mock Review Boards Kick-off

This week we kicked off our first of three cohorts running through their mock review board programmes. The objective is to get everyone ready for the review board by practicing and judging together.

If you’d like to see what we’re up to – please check out the video below!

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Preparing for the Review Board

If you’re thinking about going for the Certified Technical Architect review board, it’s easy to think it’s just another exam. It isn’t. It’s a journey of self development – highly challenging and needing a lot of practice. Charly and I have been going through this process for several months and have found that having a mentor and practicing through regular mock exams have been incredibly helpful. Add this to the new CTA-601 workshops that Salesforce runs and you have a great way to prepare.

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Demystifying CTA in Amsterdam

In May, Gemma went to Amsterdam to speak at the Developer User Group: Demystifying CTA. It was an awesome event; we had the luxury of FOUR CTAs sat on our panel to answer questions from the group. It was so engaging, the meet-up went on until 10pm!

The Netherlands team has made Gemma’s opening presentation available and you can watch it here. Enjoy!

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Review Board Blog Library!

There are a few of us (including Charly and myself) who are actively working towards the Review Board exam. This is so much bigger than just knowing stuff; you’ve got the additional challenge of managing both your prep time and your presentation time.

This is a working blog post that collates great tips and advice for anyone who is preparing for the review board.

  1. Charly-Says: Mock Review Post-Mortem
  2. Jannis Bott: How I Became a Certified Technical Architect
  3. Andrew Hart: Guest Post: Andrew’s CTA Journey
  4. Doina Popa: Shattering Glass Ceilings and Inspiring More Women…
  5. Adam Menzies: My Experience in Front of the Review Board
  6. Bob Buzzard: Certified Salesforce Technical Architect
  7. Gemma Emmett: Journey to CTA: Starting Out
  8. Charly-Says: The Steps to Travel the #JourneyToCTA

More to come as people write!