Announcing a New Co-Leader: Charly Prinsloo

The growth of this amazing community of people since it started in November has been phenomenal. As you know, I currently run this group out of the UK, which makes it difficult to get a presence for meetups at the multitude of community events that are based in the US.

I’m so delighted to tell you that @Charly Prinsloo (Deloitte) has stepped up as a co-leader of Ladies Be Architects. She will be representing our interests in the US. Charly is working very hard at the moment on her Review Board prep but has graciously offered her time to help us grow.

We have a Top Trailblazers Leaderboard

If you’re not aware of Top Trailblazersyou’re missing out! The very talented Johan Karlsteen has been working with us to set up a community leaderboard for Ladies Be Architects, where we can be ranked by anything on Trailhead, even your certs!

If you’d like to join the board, just post your Trailhead vanity URL or profile link (if you don’t have a vanity URL) into Gemma’s thread that talks about joining up – and you’ll be added. We’ve linked to it on this site, so you’ll never be far away from seeing where you rank.

Trailhead DX!

Looks like a few of our members got together at TrailheadDX to study and get certified on the architect track! Many thanks to Debra and Suzanne at Salesforce for spreading the word about us – what a fantastic moment it was to see everyone get together for this great photo. Keep it going ladies!

March 2018 Champions

It was supposed to be springtime, but a very snowy and cold March 2018 brought us three champions who stayed warm and took some exams. Gemma and Charly even passed the same exam on the same day! Congratulations to everyone who achieved a certification. If we’ve missed you out, please make sure you post your cert pass into the group, but also, let us know and we’ll include you in the next champions list!

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