Next Study Group: Platform App Builder Study Session 5 & 6: Flows Flows Flows!

Introduction to Flows
18th November 2021 – 9 pm GMT / 19th November 2021 – 7 am AEST

Advanced Flow Techniques
25th November 2021 – 9 pm GMT / 26th November 2021 – 7 am AEST

Our next Platform App Builder Study Sessions are all about Flows! In this two part session Adrienne Cutcliffe and Vickie Jeffery will deep dive into Flows, starting with an Introduction to Flows, where we discuss the different Flow types, components of a Flow, and how to get started building your first. The second session will take place the following week, where we jump into some more advanced Flow techniques. We have lots to cover so each session will be approximately 90 minutes.

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Study Group XXIV: Platform App Builder Study Sessions (Session 1) Fundamentals & Data Modeling and Management Part with Vickie Jeffery & Adrienne Cutcliffe

Happy New Year from Ladies Be Architects! For our first session back in the new year, Vickie Jeffery and Adrienne Cutcliffe are going back-to-basics to deliver us some fantastic Platform App Builder Content. Session 1 of this series covered off on part one of Salesforce Fundamentals & Data Modeling and Management on the platform.

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Run Your Own Solutioning Event with Ladies Be Architects

Would you like to run a fun and engaging workshop at your community meet-up, or even within your own company? At Dreamforce 2018, Ladies Be Architects ran a solution design session, which was a lot of fun. We’re pleased to share our framework for this session, so that you can take it to your own user group and spread the fun of solutioning around the world.

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CTA Mock Review Boards Kick-off

This week we kicked off our first of three cohorts running through their mock review board programmes. The objective is to get everyone ready for the review board by practicing and judging together.

If you’d like to see what we’re up to – please check out the video below!

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Preparing for the Review Board

If you’re thinking about going for the Certified Technical Architect review board, it’s easy to think it’s just another exam. It isn’t. It’s a journey of self development – highly challenging and needing a lot of practice. Charly and I have been going through this process for several months and have found that having a mentor and practicing through regular mock exams have been incredibly helpful. Add this to the new CTA-601 workshops that Salesforce runs and you have a great way to prepare.

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