CTA Mentoring Match-Up

If you’re ready to ramp up for your Certified Technical Architect certification, you don’t have to go it alone. Today we launch our latest programme, our mentoring match-up!

  • 10 volunteer CTAs (in many time zones, including APAC!)
  • 13 places
  • 3 months

You get access to a whole CTA for 3 months. We have to emphasise that this doesn’t mean that after 3 months you’ll be ready – at the start of the programme, you’ll both need to agree some objectives.

Sounds good, right? 

To Qualify

  • You must be both System and Application Architect certified
  • You must have a case open with Salesforce and be in dialogue with them already about your progress. We can check this, so please be lovely and honest with yourself (and us!)
  • Please be mentally in the space – understand what’s involved and the level of commitment. It’s not just another exam.

How It Works

  • Fill out the form to tell us about your experience: http://bit.ly/LBAMentor
  • If you’re eligible, we’ll present your profile to our volunteer CTAs
  • We’ll then take a look at the data and match you up based on a few factors, including time zone and areas of weakness/strengths
  • We’ll facilitate the kick-off meeting, where you’ll be introduced and can agree on a format and structure that suits you both.
  • If you don’t get a place this time, you are at the top of the list for the next round


We love you just as much as the girls, but only 5% of the world’s CTAs are women. To fix this, we need to prioritise the ladies.

Don’t let this put you off applying – there will still be spaces for you in this programme because not enough women think they can do it. We’re working on that in the longer term.

Thanks for your understanding!