CTA Review Board Mock Exam – Flowers Racing with Matt Morris

Salesforce MVP and CTA candidate Matthew Morris solves the Flowers Racing scenario. With special thanks to Melissa Shepard, Tyler Mowbrey and Gavin Palmer for judging. Read more for supporting documents and the video recording!

Note: These scenarios have been produced by the community and are not affiliated with Salesforce. Please do not contact Salesforce with queries about them; also we do not provide solution keys.

Why don’t we provide solution keys?

Being an architect means making your own decisions and justifying them. Salesforce as a platform changes all the time, so it wouldn’t be right to give a key. There aren’t any right answers and you have to use your own judgement – remember, this isn’t an exam you can just collect :0)

And here you can find the presentation and some Q&A from special guests Melissa Shepard, Tyler Mowbrey and Gavin Palmer: