How it Works

Monthly Study Groups

  • We post a poll with 3-4 exams from the Architect pyramid
  • You vote on the exam you’d most like us to cover
  • When that vote closes, we post another poll with 3-4 topics from that exam
  • Whoever has volunteered to run the session can prepare their webinar when the voting has closed
  • Monthly study group is held online in the last week of the month

Other Study Groups & Activities

If you’d like to take a few people through a deeper dive on the curriculum for a specific exam – go right ahead! We would love to partner with you. It’ll be your content – and we can offer you all the support you need.

We’ve helped by:

  • Sharing videoconferencing capability (we have Hangouts Meet) at no cost to you
  • Access to G-Suite and WordPress tools to create your own content at no cost to you
  • Sharing recorded sessions on our website and beyond
  • Promoting your sessions on Twitter, LinkedIn, the community and our own blog
  • Supporting demographic research initiatives

Things to Consider

  • Sorry gentlemen, we would like women to run the sessions (to inspire confidence), but you’re most welcome to join us for the calls. We greatly value all of our allies and what they do to support us.
  • All sessions are recorded and shared online to benefit the whole Salesforce community. This is a key principle and we would really like to keep this going.
  • Please share your certificate achievements in the community group so that we can celebrate with you (there may even be a prize for you!)
  • Content is free (except the swag store). If you catch us at an event we may just have stickers for you too ;0)