Introducing the Ladies Be Architects Podcast!

It started with Charly having a chat with several people at Salesforce Connections in Chicago….and today, we give you our first episode!

UPDATE FROM Charly: and then I listened to Gillian Bruce‘s keynote at Texas Dreamin’ and #GillianMadeMeDoIt!

We are really pleased to have Carl Brundage as our first guest. He became a Certified Technical Architect in December 2017 after smashing his review board. In this episode, Carl tells us about his approach to the review board, his personal growth through the experience, the impact JourneyToCTA has had upon his career and the commitment you need to give in order to achieve this.

“Sometimes we all can be hesitant to ask for help…..I found it to be incredibly rewarding to help someone…I get to understand a different perspective; it makes me be a better person. When you’re asking for help, don’t think that you’re the only person getting something out of it.”

Carl was also the first CTA to sign up for Phase 1 of our CTA Mentoring programme and we are very blessed to have him work with us!

Enjoy the podcast – feel free to tweet us @archladies if you have any questions!


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