Natalya’s Integration Architecture Study Group – Powered by Ladies Be Architects

We are pleased to support our member Natalya Murphy, who will be starting a 7-session study group for the Integration Architecture Designer exam beginning on Tuesday, June 12 with a goal of having participants ready to take the exam the week of July 24.

Group size will be capped at 8 people and all participants will be expected to actively contribute to the success of the group, as described below. Meetings will be held at 7-9 pm Eastern time via Google Hangouts.

If you have questions, contact Natalya via the Trailblazer community.

Each week, participants will individually study the planned topics and then prepare flashcard-type questions and exam-type questions to share with the group. We will hold a weekly call lasting 1-2 hours to discuss the previous-week’s study topics.

During the weekly calls, participants will

  • Take turns sharing key points from their studies the previous week
  • Discuss any experience they’ve had with hands-on implementation of the material covered
  • Review a subset of flashcard and mock exam questions generated by the group.

Participants will also have access to a private Slack channel for communication throughout the week.

The initial meeting/study schedule is listed below but is subject to change as the group moves through the content.

Week 1 (June 12)
Meeting: Introductions and expectations.
Study/prepare after meeting: high-level integration capabilities and patterns.

Week 2 (June 19)
Meeting: Review/discuss Week 1 study topics
Study/prepare after meeting: security; integration considerations (layer, timing, direction, volume)

Week 3 (June 26)
Meeting: Review/discuss Week 2 study topics
Study/prepare after meeting: SOAP and REST deep-dive, especially WSDL and JSON formats

Week 4 (July 3)
Meeting: Review/discuss Week 3 study topics
Study/prepare after meeting: Data management/migration, including Dataloader and Bulk API deep-dive

Week 5 (July 10)
Meeting: Review/discuss Week 4 study topics
Study/prepare after meeting: Workflow outbound messaging; Tools, monitoring and testing

Week 6 (July 17)
Meeting: Review/discuss Week 5 study topics
Study/prepare after meeting: Hands-on activities; review all previous topics

Week 7 (July 24)
Meeting: Final group review of all topics
Take exam

If you’re interested in participating, fill out the application at

Selected participants will be contacted no later than June 11.