Next Study Group: Platform App Builder Study Sessions – Session 1 – Fundamentals & Data Modeling and Management Part 1 with Vickie Jeffery & Adrienne Cutcliffe

18th February 2021 – 9 pm GMT

We’re starting off 2021 by getting back to basics with Platform App Builder study sessions. This will be a series of study sessions covering Platform App Builder topics with the first one – Fundamentals & Data Modeling and Management Part 1 – this month with our ANZ Ambassadors Vickie Jeffery and Adrienne Cutcliffe!

Please register using the link below – then you will be invited to a calendar event. It’s a manual process and you’ll be invited in blocks of ten, so please don’t worry! You’ll get one. The invite will contain a Hangouts link, which will accommodate 50 attendees. If we go over 50, we will go live on YouTube if we need to (note the streaming URL is also in your calendar invite).

As always, the session will be recorded and posted here on our website – and our YouTube channel.

The timing of this session is shown in Greenwich Mean Time. For your own time zone equivalent,  check out Time Zone Converter

We are trialing a new registration process this month. If you have any problems with it, please email