Sponsorship Opportunities

Why Sponsor?

Sponsoring Ladies Be Architects is not only great PR, it gives you access to a community of incredibly talented people, helping you widen your network and get your products and job opportunities out there. Architects work directly with customers, build teams and are recommending the best apps and experiences. Make sure they’re recommending yours!

With Salesforce targeting 3.3M more Salesforce jobs by 2022, helping us to grow our community of Salesforce architects could help you in many other ways too.

Our Packages

Our sponsorships last a year and don’t cover a single event or activity – you get a list of benefits that you can use throughout the whole year.

We’re very pleased to offer a reimagined sponsorship brochure for 2020! If your company is interested in any of these opportunities, please email gemma@ladies-be-architects.com, and we’ll get back to you!

We welcome sponsorship from any company – ISV, consultancy, recruiters, Salesforce customers, investors – just download the pdf brochure and get in touch!


Prices and transactions are shown in GBP and represent an annual fee. To make sure you’re covered, we won’t take any money without a signed sponsorship agreement in place, which we will send to you for electronic signature. Sponsorships are valid for one year unless we have agreed otherwise.

You can pay by invoice, bank transfer or credit card. We accept the following cards:

Refund Policy

We will be happy to issue refunds in the event that we’re unable to provide you with the agreed sponsorship benefits, or if we find ourselves in breach of the agreement. Refunds will not be issued if sponsors are found to be in breach of the agreement.

Note – for Gold and Platinum sponsorships, we rely on mutual co-operation to arrange the demos, talks and presentation opportunities we offer. Refunds will not be provided if the agreement expires and these events have not taken place. Instead, we’ll work with you to ensure you can still take advantage of these opportunities.

Thanks very much for your interest – we’re looking forward to working with you!