Study Group XXIV: Platform App Builder Study Sessions (Session 1) Fundamentals & Data Modeling and Management Part with Vickie Jeffery & Adrienne Cutcliffe

Happy New Year from Ladies Be Architects! For our first session back in the new year, Vickie Jeffery and Adrienne Cutcliffe are going back-to-basics to deliver us some fantastic Platform App Builder Content. Session 1 of this series covered off on part one of Salesforce Fundamentals & Data Modeling and Management on the platform.

Congratulations to all our certified ladies – quite a few application architects in there this time. Keep going – and make sure you share your cert passes with us HERE so we can track your achievements.

You can also find a copy of the slides here, and as promised, here are some great blogs we would recommend to further your studies (in addition to Ladies Be Architects of course! 😉 ):