Volunteers Needed: Write Practice CTA Scenarios!


As if I didn’t have enough hare-brained schemes cooking away at once…I’d like to put together a working group to produce practice scenarios for aspiring CTAs to use in their mock exams.

Here is the process:

  1. Contact Gemma with your Quip username please (she’ll add you to a folder)
  2. Write your scenario for a fictional company. Please also write up a solution key (we will supply templates for you)
  3. Once your first draft is done, post into Quip chat that your first draft is ready for review.
  4. For other scenarios marked as ready for review, please look at the scenarios and add comments.
  5. REVIEWERS: Work with the author – ask questions, raise challenges, add Q&A possibilities to their solution key
  6. AUTHORS: update your scenarios and solution keys as appropriate. Tip: get a few reviewers involved; you can always ask other people you trust to add their comments too. Give them a deadline date or it’ll never get finished.
  7. Lock your document once you’re happy and let Gemma know
  8. Gemma will get some CTAs to take a look ;0)
  9. We’ll publish them for you (and you will win a Ladies Be Architects PRIZE, plus full credit and shoutouts for writing the scenario!)

Tips from Gemma:

  • I’m using some real life situations (and disguising them as fictional companies) for my scenarios
  • Don’t make them too weird and wonderful – think of what your candidate has to cover in a 45-min presentation but also how long it will take them to prep their artefacts
  • Features that are not GA should not be included in the solution key please

More tips welcome :0)

So what do you think? Wanna win some swag and help build a bank of these to help your fellows?